We want to change logistics and distribution… Forever!

Brands have access to such powerful social networks that they’re able to reach customers worldwide, instantly, and seamlessly. But when it comes to delivering physical products, the task is much harder, and logistics issues are often a cause of failure for small and medium businesses.

Bigblue responds to a growing need for brands developing so-called "hardware" products that naturally aim to make their creations available to a maximum number of users.

Worldwide shipping

Thanks to our partner warehouses and carriers, merchant can reach their buyers worldwide in just a few clicks.
Bigblue partners are carefully selected based on their ability to meet strict quality specifications. They can all be managed from the Bigblue platform through a single interface and a single API.
The Bigblue interface also allows brands to push their products to retail stores, freeing themselves from traditional distributors. Our global network of partners allows them to do so without initial investment and at a fraction of the cost of a distributor.

By providing automated delivery of their products worldwide and personalized retail network management, we empower brands and let them focus on true value creation: product design and communication.

A shared belief

Bigblue was created by people and for people frustrated by their experience with logistics.

Tim, our CEO used to manage a board game company and every steps of dealing with logistics and distribution was a pain. Mathias and William went through all the existing logistics software and APIs around the world, and figured out the field desperately needed modern software and UX.
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